3M™ Clean Sand System, 03210

3M™ Clean Sand System, 03210
Trust nothing less than the 3M™ Clean Sand System for making automotive, marine and home repairs easier, cleaner, and higher quality. This next generation sanding system traps most of the dust as it sands, keeping your work site cleaner. This innovative system attaches to most household or shop vacuums for greater convenience and cleaner environments.
Additional Information
3M Part Number 3210
UPC 51131032101
Case Quantity 2 kits per case
Case Inner Pack 1 kit
  • Designed to eliminate dust while sanding, resulting in a cleaner repair and less cleanup
  • Versatile solution for automotive projects and other sanding projects, like marine and home improvement repairs.
  • Can be used on metal, fiberglass, drywall, wood, various fillers and more
  • Includes (1) Clean Sand Block, 8 feet of flexible hose, and (1) vacuum adaptor which fits vacuums hoses from 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches.
  • Use during Stage 1, 3 and 4 as part of the 3M Body Repair System

Cleaner workplace
Nobody enjoys cleaning up after completing a repair. With traditional hand sanding methods, there is no way to prevent the mess created by dust. It collects on the ground, on the surface of what you are repairing, and travels in the air throughout the workplace. Without any dust control, the end result is a time consuming cleanup of dust piles on the floor and dusty residue on surfaces throughout the workplace. The 3M™ Clean Sand System reduces extra work and mess by containing dust inside the sanding tool or releasing it to a vacuum rather than letting it float freely.

Traditional Sanding Method


3M Clean Sand


Versatile system for many projects and materials
The 3M™ Clean Sand System works great for a variety of dust-producing repairs, including auto body, marine and home repair. It is ideal for sanding body filler, reinforced filler and fiberglass resin, as well as any Bondo® branded product for automotive repairs. The system is also a great solution for home repairs by containing dust created while sanding drywall, wood, floor, cabinet and any other surface or filler. By utilizing your vacuum at home, you can easily attach this system for a cleaner sanding environment no matter what you are working on.


Less dust produces superior painting results
During repairs, dust particles can get trapped in your paint later in the repair, reducing the final appearance of your repair. By greatly reducing dust when you sand earlier in the process, you will make the painting process easier. On your next project, reduce dust nibs and rework for a better painting experience.

Easy to use with standard shop vacuums
To use, simply attach the sanding system to any shop vacuum and sand your repair area with 3M Clean Sand sheets. The flexible hose easily slides into place on the Clean Sand Block and vacuum adaptor. The Clean Sand Block is equipped with an air control valve to allow you to control the amount of suction during your repair.

What's in the Box

  • (1) Clean Sand Block
  • 8 foot Flexible Hose
  • (1) Vacuum Adaptor



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