3M™ Paint Defender Spray Trigger, 90201

3M™ Paint  Defender Spray Trigger, 90201
  • Designed to be used with 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film, PN 90000 to make protecting your car’s paint even easier (Spray Film sold separately)
  • Enables clean, uniform spray application
  • Comfortable grip allows you to use entire hand to engage trigger, which helps reduces hand fatigue experienced with aerosol cans and smaller triggers
  • Compatible with most other aerosol cans, making all of your painting projects easier
  • Includes 1 Spray Trigger and simple, easy-to-follow instructions
Additional Information
3M Part Number 90201
UPC 00051115902017
Case Quantity 12
Case Inner Pack 1

3M™ Paint Defender Spray Trigger makes uniform, clean application of the 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film, PN 90000 even easier. Designed to reduce hand and/or finger fatigue associated with aerosol cans and small triggers, this device features a comfortable grip that allows you to use your entire hand, instead of just one finger, to apply pressure to the trigger. By applying even more pressure, you will minimize the risk of uneven spray application, saving you time on your project. Designed to fit most aerosol cans, you’ll be able to use the 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Trigger for most of your painting projects.



Easy to Use

Just follow these steps to attach 3M Paint Defender Spray Trigger to an aerosol can:

  1. Hold the can and spray trigger handle level with hand off trigger. Rotate the can until the spray tip opening points away from you.
  2. To attach: firmly grasp the aerosol can barrel between your thumb and four fingers. Firmly push the trigger onto the can. Do not pull up, push down or grab the red trigger while attaching or removing.
  3. To remove: firmly pull and slide the bottom of the trigger’s black nose-piece under the aerosol can’s top ring. For best results, always remove the spray trigger during periods of non-use.

The 3M Paint Defender Spray Trigger is a snap to use when applying the 3M Paint Defender Spray Film (sold separately).

Protect Your Vehicle's Paint in Three Easy Steps

Start with a freshly cleaned and dried vehicle and protect your vehicle’s paint in three easy steps:

1. Mask and Tape: Mask and tape the car with 3M Paint Defender Application Kit, PN 90200 (sold separately) to frame the surface you want to spray. 2. Wax: Using the 1oz packet of 3M Synthetic Wax Protectant (sold separately as part of 3M Paint Defender Spray Film), prepare the surface to be sprayed by waxing, which ensures easy removal later. 3. Spray: Apply the 3M Paint Defender Spray Film (sold separately), paying attention to distance, speed and pattern. To make application even easier, use the 3M Paint Defender Spray Trigger.





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