Bondo® Sun-Activated Glazing & Spot Putty, 3.6 ounce, 00930

Bondo® Sun-Activated Glazing & Spot Putty, 3.6 ounce, 00930
Bondo® Sun-Activated Glazing & Spot Putty is better than all other glazing and spot putties. No hardener is needed.
Additional Information
UPC 00076308009304
3M Part Number 00930
Case Quantity 6 per case
Case Inner Pack 1 tube
Size 3.6 ounce
Brand Bondo

Bondo® Sun-Activated Glazing & Spot Putty cures in less than 10 minutes in direct sunlight. It fills pinholes, scratches, paint chips and minor dings. Extremely smooth and easy to apply, Sun Activated Glazing -and- Spot Putty is superior because there's no guessing how much hardener to use.


DIRECTIONS: Surface Preparation:

1. Read all directions and warnings for safe and proper application.

2. Clean surface with quality wax and grease remover.

3. Roughen surface with 180/220 grit sandpaper.

4. Be sure that surface is thoroughly dry.


Repair Procedure:

1. Break seal with pin. Apply Bondo® Sun-Activated Glazing & Spot Putty with a spreader directly to the surface to be repaired. (Bondo® Sun Activated Putty is a sun activated glazing putty; therefore, application must be done in a shaded area.)

2. Using the spreader, press putty evenly and firmly to insure minimal air entrapment.

3. Apply uniformly in very thin layers allowing each layer to cure.

4. Expose to sunlight to harden to a tough repair. (This product must receive ultra-violet sunrays to cure. Not for use indoors.)

5. Build up subsequent layers until you achieve the desired level and/or contour of the repair. No sanding or other preparation is needed between layers.

6. After desired layers have been applied and cured, remove the putty’s tacky surface by lightly sanding with coarse 80 grit sandpaper. Finish sand, wet or dry, with medium 180/220 grit sandpaper prior to applying final finish.


Finishing Procedure:

1. Wipe surface with a clean, dry rag. Surface must be clean and free of sanding dust.

2. Apply 2-3 thin, even coats of Bondo® Sandable Primer. Cover entire repair area. When completely dry, sand primer with fine 320 grit sandpaper.

3. Wet or dry sand the primer with fine 400 grit sandpaper for final sanding and featheredging.

4. Finish with high quality paint. Use acetone for cleaning tools. Curing/Sanding Time: Under direct sunlight curing times for each layer of application may vary depending upon weather conditions and time of the year: Conditions Curing/Sanding Times Bright Sun 4-6 minutes Diffused Sun 6-8 minutes Cloudy 10-15 minutes Material will not cure under a regular infrared, incandescent or fluorescent lamp.

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