Bondo® Ultimate® Filler, 1 Quart Can (Net Weight 1 lb 10 oz), 1022

Bondo® Ultimate® Filler is a professional quality auto body filler with super smooth application, easy sanding and feather-edging. Provides superior adhesion to galvanized steel, metal, aluminum, e-coat, SMC, and fiberglass.
Additional Information
UPC 00076308010225
3M Part Number 1022
Case Quantity 12 per case
Case Inner Pack 1 quart
Performance Level Best
Brand Bondo
Allows for application without sanding to bare metal. Sandable in only 20 minutes and is compatible with all paint systems. Filler remains easy to sand for days after the application and doesn't clog sand paper. Can be applied to sanded and cured primer and paint. Includes Blue Cream Hardener. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Additional Items Needed for Repair: Rubber Gloves, Bondo® Spreaders, Sanding Block, 3M™ 80 and 180 grit Sandpaper, acetone or lacquer thinner (for cleaning surface and clean up) 1. Clean repair area with acetone or warm, soapy water to remove all dirt, grease, oil and contaminates. Let dry completely. 2. Cut away damaged area and loose pieces. Sand the surface with 3M™ Sandpaper 80 grit to remove all primer, paint, rust, rotted wood or gel-coat. If grinding is required, use a 3M™ Grinding Disc 36 grit. Sand 1-2 inches beyond damaged area and down to bare metal. Remove all dust created from sanding with a dry cloth or compressed air. Re-clean the surface as in Step 1. 3. Remove a 3-inch diameter circle, 1/2 inch thick of Bondo® Ultimate Filler and place on a clean non-porous mixing surface. Knead the Bondo® Cream Hardener tube thoroughly to ensure contents are well mixed. Squeeze a 3-inch strip/bead of cream hardener across the filler that you removed from the can. Mix small amounts that can be used in 3-4 minutes. 4. Mix the filler and hardener thoroughly for approximately 2 minutes using a Bondo® Spreader. Keeping the contents thinly spread out will keep the filler from drying as quickly and give you a longer working time. 5. Spread initial thin layer of mixed filler over repair area using firm pressure to ensure maximum adhesion. Continue to build layers as needed. 6. Allow the filler to cure 15 minutes at 77° F (25° C). In cooler climates, filler may take 20-30 minutes to dry. 7. Using 3M™ Sandpaper 80 grit, sand and shape the filled area to the contour of the surface. Feather the edge of the filler with 3M™ Sandpaper 180 grit until the surface is smooth. If dust builds up or clogs the sandpaper, remove by brushing with wire brush. 8. Prime and paint the area per the paint manufacturer's recommendation. 9. Clean tools with acetone or lacquer thinner.

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