3M™ Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating 03584


3M™ Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating is an easy to use black protective coating that does not run when applied, provides anti corrosive protection, sound deadening and insulation to cars, trucks and recreational vehicles.

Additional Information
3M Part Number 03584
UPC 00051131035843
Case Quantity 6 each per case
Case Inner Pack 1 each
Brand 3M
Application Undercoating
Texture Medium
Dry Time 15 minutes
Color Black
  • Can be used on cars, trucks and recreational vehicles
  • Sound-deadening properties help reduce road noise
  • No-run formula for clean application



3M Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating 03584 helps protect the undercarriage of cars, trucks, vans and recreational vehicles from both corrosion and abrasion. The coating may also be used to protect wheel wells, quarter panels, interior side of fenders, door skins, under side of the hood and trunk lid, floor pans, and more. The rubberized undercoating also helps deaden noise, allowing for a more pleasant and quieter ride. Protecting your vehicle with an application of rubberized undercoating is advised for long-term protection of the undercarriage. Rubberized undercoating creates a protective barrier that seals out grit, grime and moisture that could otherwise corrode the metal components. This extra protection is a low-cost measure that can pay off by potentially extending the service life of a vehicle.


  • Multi-purpose undercoating may be applied to cars, truck and recreational vehicles
  • Sound deadening properties help reduce road noise
  • No-run formula applies cleanly, evenly and smoothly
  • Anti-corrosive coating protects the undercarriage of vehicles from rust and abrasion
  • Aerosol dispenser allows for easy spray-on application.

For quieter ride, rubberized undercoating helps insulate the vehicle cabin from noise, including road, engine, and wind noises. When soundproofing an automobile, consider the most common source of the noise for your situation. Cars of all makes, models and price ranges will benefit from noise reduction soundproofing.

The aerosol can offers exceptional convenience for applying the undercoating without any additional investment in equipment such as an applicator gun and compressor. The undercoating goes on thick for superior coverage over metal or fiberglass.


Offering undercoating services is an additional sales opportunity at auto repair shops. The benefits of both corrosion protection for longer car life and sound dampening for a quieter ride are both easy sells to car owners. Auto service technicians can easily explain the benefits to customers, producing add-on sales that boost revenues at auto service garages. 3M Professional Grade Rubberized undercoating delivers the top-quality needed by professional technicians. Rubberized undercoating also offers numerous household and commercial building uses. Undercoating may be applied to gutters to stop leaks and to PVC pipes to cover the white coloring and provide more insulation.

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