3M™ Foaming Bug Remover, 39145

3M™ Foaming Bug Remover, 39145
3M™ Foaming Bug Remover quickly and effectively removes bug splatter and residue from automotive exterior surfaces including paint, chrome, moldings, and glass. This product sprays out as a foam with excellent clinging action to penetrate and loosen the bus residue, while minimizing overspray and mess. This product simply sprays on, sits for 30 seconds, and then wipes away along with the bug splatter leaving a cleaner vehicle appearance.
Additional Information
3M Part Number 39145
UPC 00051131391451
Case Quantity 6
Case Inner Pack 6
Brand 3M

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3M™ Foaming Bug Remover is intended for use on automotive exterior surfaces for removing bug splatter and residue to improve the appearance of your vehicle. This product can be used on painted automotive surfaces, chrome, moldings, and glass. For bug residue that has been left for a long time and
stained paint, repeat applications may be required or in extreme cases professional paint repair tocompletely eliminate staining.
Performance Properties
  Sprays out as a generous foam that clings to deeper penetrate and loosen bug residue.  No-drip cling action allows for effective cleaning on vertical surfaces without   wasting creating a mess
  Works great across all exterior surfaces for easy application and cleanup
  Fast-acting formula with 30-second dwell time to save time
  One-step cleaner flashes and wipes away easily for clean finish with no rinsing required
Directions for Use
Note: Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface. Test in an inconspicuous area
first. Do not use on fresh paint, see paint manufacturer’s recommendations. Not
recommended for use on oxidized paint or plastic.
1. Shake can before use.
2. Hold can 8-12 inches from panel and spray generously across surfaces with bug
splatter, ensuring you allow the material to foam on the surface. Apply to manageable
sections at a time to work across large areas for best results.
3. Wait 30 seconds, then wipe using a clean terry cloth or microfiber detail cloth, folding
over to get a clean section of the rag as needed. Note: Continuing to use the same rag
once it has been thoroughly soiled may leave scratches in your paint.
4. For tougher bug residue, repeat application as necessary.
3M™ Foaming Bug Remover is used for removing bug splatter and residue from automotive painted
surfaces, chrome, metal, plastic, and glass. This product works great on windshields that may be
splattered with bugs after a road trip or heavy commuting, that wiper blades do not fully remove. For
tougher bug splatter, repeat applications may be required to fully remove. In extreme cases, if bus splatter
has been left on for a long time and has stained the paint, professional paint repair may be required. DO
NOT use on oxidized automotive paint or plastic, fresh or uncured paint, or broken or damaged paint.

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