When damage to paint or natural aging causes metal to be exposed to the elements, it is only a matter of time before rust will become visible.

Once rust has begun, even if it starts in a very small area, it can rapidly expand and begin to bubble painted areas, or even weaken the structure of the panel.

It is important to sand away any rust and reseal the exposed metal with a primer, base paint and clear coat as soon as possible.

1. Clean and dry the repair area.

Clean area with 3M™ Adhesive Remover and dry the area well

2. Mask the area.

Using 3M™ Automotive Masking Tape, mask around the repair area.

3. Strip paint and rust, featheredge

Use 24-80 grit 3M abrasives to sand down to bare metal. Use Paint & Rust Stripper, or rust converter to remove rust. Use 80 grit 3M abrasives to sand 3-4 inches around damage.

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