3M™ Clean Sand System:
Leaves Others in the Dust

Sanding spreads dust. Dust can damage repairs and it’s a hassle to clean up. And, if dust gets trapped in paint, it can ruin the final appearance of a project. The Clean Sand System from 3M has a unique sanding block with an air-control collar. Combine that with a unique abrasive design that filters particle dust and debris and you can say good bye to dust and mess and hello to less clean-up and better project results.

The system conveniently attaches to most shop, household, and dust vacuum hoses, allowing for anyone from the seasoned expert to the most novice renovators to complete auto, marine, and home projects with confidence and ease.

3M™ Clean Sand Performance Sandpapers are designed to be used with
the 3M™ Clean Sand System and come in a variety of grits for all your project needs.

Sanding a vehicle while using the Clean Sand System leaves behind less dust, meaning less cleanup later. Sanding without the aid of a vacuum means more clean up later.

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