Bondo® Sun Activated Filler, 7.05 oz (200 gm), 753

Bondo® Sun Activated Filler is a one-step solution which requires no mixing and cures in less than 20 minutes once exposed to sunlight. Your outdoor projects just became that much easier with this ready to use product. Simply apply the filler, set in the sun, and sand in less than 10 minutes.

Additional Information
UPC 0-00-51131-00753-6
3M Part Number 753
Case Quantity 4 per case
Case Inner Pack 1 kit
Size 7.05 ounce
Performance Level Best
Brand Bondo

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  • Ready to use right from the can
  • Requires no mixing or hardener
  • Cures in less than 20 minutes after being exposed to sunlight
  • Repairs a variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, metal, aluminum, and fiberglass




00753 Bondo® Sun Activated Filler


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  1. Clean surface with warm, soapy water or a surface cleaner to remove dirt, wax, oil and grease. Allow to dry.
  2. Sand the surface with 3M™ Sandpaper 80 grit to remove all primer, paint, loose rotted wood or rust extending one to two inches beyond the damaged area. Remove all dust created from sanding. Re-clean following Step #1.
  3. Open the sealed Bondo® Sun-Activated Filler.  Quickly apply a thin layer (1/8 inch) of filler to your repair area using the spreader and firm pressure.

Note: product will not cure or properly bond if applied over an 1/8 inch per layer. Thicker applications can be built up by exposing each 1/8 inch (0.32 cm) layer of filler to direct sunlight to cure. Immediately place a piece of tin foil over the container to avoid pre-UV exposure and then return the white cap.   

For exterior use only as product will not cure unless exposed to direct sunlight.

         4. After 20 minutes and checking if the initial layer of filler is tacky, sand lightly with 3M™ Sandpaper 80 grit, or use acetone to remove.  Continue to apply additional        layers in 1/8 inch (0.32 cm) increments as needed.

         5. Using 3M™ Sandpaper 80 grit, sand and shape the filled area to the contour of the surface. Feather the edge of the area with 3M™ Sandpaper 180 grit until the surface is smooth.

         6. Prime, paint, or apply wood stain to the area per the manufacture’s recommendation. Note: Testing an area is recommended as the filler absorbs the stain differently than wood.


Material will not cure under a regular infrared, incandescent or fluorescent lamp. Do not return unused material to can if it has been exposed to sunlight. Clean tools with acetone or lacquer thinner. For best results apply at 50º F (10º C) or above. 

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