3M™ Silicone Paste 08946

3M™ Silicone Paste 08946
Lubricates and prevents oxidation. Safe on metal, rubber, and plastic parts. An excellent dielectric lubricant. Thick paste. Conditions rubber. Contains no solvents.
Additional Information
3M Part Number 08946
UPC 00051135089460
Case Quantity 6 cans per case
Case Inner Pack (1) 8 ounce can

A dielectric grease for brake systems, ignition systems, electrical terminals, rubber bushings, and more.


Directions For Use

1. Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be lubricated.

2. Apply a thin film of 3M ™ Silicone Paste to the surfaces and spread evenly.

3. Replace and tighten top when not in use to prevent contamination.








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Mechanical Brake Cleaner Family

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