3M Paint Defender System

3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film protects your car’s paint to keep it looking newer longer by defending against rock chips, bugs, sand, and other everyday driving hazards. This spray-applied protective product is easy to apply and dries to a clear film, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is protected on the road.

Invisible Protection for Your Vehicle

3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film sprays on anywhere on the car’s paint and dries to a clear, durable film for virtually invisible protection. This clear film defends against a range of elements, including love bugs and other airborne insects; gravel, sand and grit in warm-weather climates; winter road grime in cold-weather conditions; and rocks and other paint chip-causing road debris anywhere.


This specialty auto care solution is easy to use and designed to be used from the convenience of your own garage. Products are low in odor and water-based for easy clean-up.

compare protected and unprotected paint
3M Paint Defeneder Application Steps

At the correct film application thickness, the liquid spray’s self-leveling formula levels out most imperfections so that application error is minimized.

The worry-free application is completely clear coat safe and can be easily removed if the desired appearance is not achieved the first time.

Durable Defense

3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film lasts for one year and protects any painted surface from everyday driving hazards. Rocks, sand and other debris can damage your car’s paint, causing unsightly paint chips that could potentially rust. With 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film, enjoy peace of mind that your vehicle’s paint is protected for a year. The liquid spray dries to an invisible film that is safe for clear coats and removable when desired so that you can keep your car looking newer longer.

3M Paint Defender Showcase
Paint chips on an unprotected vehicle


This car paint protection product is also easy to remove.

No tools are necessary – just pick an edge with your fingernail, then peel the coating from the surface with your hands. Rest assured that the product will not come off until you want it to. You can wash and wax over the film as you would the rest of your vehicle.

And because of the specially formulated spray, 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film won’t damage your car’s paint or clear coat.

3M Paint Defender Removability