3M™ Full Vehicle Masking Film, 16 x 24 feet, 03340

3M™ Full Vehicle Masking Film, 16 x 24 feet, 03340
3M™ Full Vehicle Masking Film, 16 x 24 feet, 03340, shields vehicles being painted from overspray, eliminating costly and labor intensive cleanup of overspray. To mask a vehicle, simply unroll the film onto the vehicle, and then expose the areas of the vehicle that are meant to be painted.
Additional Information
3M Part Number 03340
UPC 00051131033405
Case Quantity 12 per case
Case Inner Pack 1 sheet
Width 16 feet
Length 24 feet
  • Protects from overspray
  • Film's cling properties keep film in place
  • Tears and cuts easily
  • Used for masking off small or large areas prior to painting
  • Contains 16 feet x 24 feet of plastic masking film


3M™ Full Vehicle Masking Film, 16 x 24 feet, 03340, makes it easy to protect vehicle while painting. By talking with autobody technicians, we heard that they wanted masking film to slightly cling to the vehicle, keeping it in place to prevent accidental slippage and exposure to paint overspray. So we made our masking film to do exactly that. A tendency to gently cling to the vehicle makes our masking film a superior choice over ordinary plastic or paper for masking. It’s easy to customize the size of masking film by simply cutting or tearing it. The film works for either small or large areas.




• Cling property keeps the film in place


• Tears and cuts easily


• Completely covers most vehicles


• Masks small and large repair areas


• Helps repaint any area of your vehicle


Contains: 16 ft x 24 ft masking film




1. Unroll masking film over vehicle with printed side facing up.

2. Unfold masking film to cover full vehicle. Make sure all pleats are unfolded. The masking film should touch the ground on all sides.

3. Tear or cut open film to expose the area of the vehicle that you want to paint.

4. Tape film in place with 3M™ automotive performance masking tapes to create a sharp paint line.

5. Tape loose ends of film to the ground or vehicle to keep in place.


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